Blue Steel bits

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In this category you will find Blue Steel bits . It is also loudly loud about our new products. We offer the so-called sweet blue steel Blue steel sausage are characterized by an oxidation process that causes them to rust, creating a sweet flavor for the horse. Thanks to that the horse produces saliva and chews the bit harder . The tendon is made of hand-polished “sweet” blue steel.

Blue Steel snaffle made of sweet steel.

Sweet iron naturally enhances salivation, and during use, under the influence of moisture, heat and air, a gentle coating of surface rust with a sweet taste is created, which naturally stimulates the horse’s salivation, which makes it better accept the bit.

Blue color changing bit.

Thanks to the technology used, the bit changes its color from blue, through gray, to brown. Despite the oxidation process taking place, the bit does not lose its properties.

A bit that induces the salivation of horses.

When the material (blue steel) reacts with moisture, heat and air in a process called oxidation arises rust with a sweet aftertaste .

The blue steel bit changes color and a rust bloom appears. Don’t worry – it’s a natural effect. 

Most mounts like this sweet taste and start chewing the bit harder.