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The offer of our store also includes durable reins , which is one of the most important elements of equestrian equipment. We produce them from durable materials that ensure durability, safety and comfort of use. They are available in various versions and models. The straps are relatively thin, so they fit very well in the hand.

What is the task of the reins or reins?

The reins, together with a properly selected bit , constitute the link between the rider’s hand and the horse’s mouth. For this reason, when choosing the right reins, it is worth making sure that they will help us transmit signals to our horse in the most subtle and precise way.

Regardless of the driving style or discipline, the reins should meet three basic conditions – be safe , functional and comfortable . It is one of the elements of equestrian equipment that most affects our comfort while riding. Too wide (or narrow), sliding or rubbing reins can turn any ride into a real torment.

The reins for the horse , which are responsible for direct contact with the horse, should be adjusted to the preferred riding style. We provide professional support in this area, helping our clients to choose the optimal solution.

Reins equipped with stoppers.

All products are equipped with stoppers that prevent the reins from moving and allow easy control of their length. To ensure the highest level of safety for riders, the reins we offer are made of durable materials, resistant to stretching and tearing.

In all disciplines belonging to the classic English style of riding (jumping, dressage, eventing, etc.), combined reins are used . This means that the reins are connected by a buckle , thus creating a closed system, and the rider, holding them, uses both hands to evenly distribute the pressure on the two sides of the horse’s mouth. Such reins are the most common.

What material to choose?

We have many options to choose from, both from natural and synthetic materials. Regardless of what we choose, it is important that the reins are not too light and that our horse can also feel their weight properly. Thanks to this, the horse should learn to respond to just the tension or loosening of the reins for the horse , which will prevent us from putting excessive pressure on the bit. Reins that are too light can make the horse difficult to understand our signals.

Safety when using the reins.

Whichever type of reins you choose, make sure that the part that connects the reins to the bit, or the part that connects the reins to one another, is made of leather or some other material that will break if pressed very hard. If the horse’s leg becomes entangled in the reins, e.g. after a fall, this may prevent the horse from seriously injuring itself.

If you usually use martingales , also make sure that the reins and reins have a so-called butterflies. Thanks to these small elements attached to both reins, the martingale wheels will not move excessively forward and catch on the bit.

Reins – how not to use them?

There are several universal rules for using reins, which for our own safety (and the safety of our horse) should be known:

  • Never use a reins for a horse that is even slightly torn or damaged. Such reins can break more easily while driving and lead to a very dangerous situation. All kinds of abrasions also increase the risk of abrasions on the rider’s hands.
  • Do not tie the horse to anything using the reins. If a horse is scared, it may not only break the reins, but also damage its mouth.
  • If possible, do not use the reins that are attached to the bit to guide the horse longer in your hand . Always use a halter and a tether for this .

We invite you to familiarize yourself with the full offer of equestrian accessories produced by Balotade . In our online store you will find various reins and reins for horse riding, which are constantly available for sale. We provide very fast shipping, as well as professional support when choosing products from our offer. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us!