Riding spurs

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Spurs intended for horse riding. They are put on the leg. They will perfectly fit any Jodhpur boots or boots. They are the perfect complement to an equestrian outfit.

What are the effects of horse riding spurs ?

Spurs are designed to help the rider to influence the horse. They help to activate his forward movement and support him in difficult moments. Thanks to their construction, they clearly strengthen the rider’s action and make the horse sensitive to signals.

What length of spurs will be appropriate and safe?

Horse spurs in our store have an average, optimal length. They are sufficient for the horse to feel their effects, but are not too long which could cause injuries to the horse’s sides. Thanks to this, even intermediate riders can ride in them, which would be impossible in long spurs for a rider.

Who are the Balotade riding spurs for ?

Our horse spurs will be good for both women and men. They are universal, so they can be treated as both women’s and men’s spurs . They will also be suitable for children.