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Saddle pads for a horse , otherwise known as sweat jackets, are one of the most important elements of equestrian equipment. They not only protect the animal’s skin against abrasions, but also protect the saddle material against horse sweat.

What distinguishes Balotade saddle pads is the material used for their production. It provides proper ventilation and thus prevents chafing and injuries that may occur on the horse’s back. The shape adapted to the anatomy of the horse is responsible for the comfort of using the saddle pad, and at the same time prevents the material from sliding under the saddle. Accessories are available in Pony and Full sizes.

Saddle pad in a set with earmuffs and pads.

The accessories we produce can be easily combined into a set saddle pad , pads and ear muffs . All products match each other in terms of colors, creating a unique style. Saddle pads are available in classic colors – black, white, blue and red. Additional decorative elements are braided strings in various colors and embroidered Balotade logo.

Various colors and sizes of sweatshirts.

Are you looking for high-quality equestrian accessories? Take advantage of our offer and choose a saddle pad with fur, or its classic version. The available assortment is made of durable materials, taking into account both the rider’s safety and the animal’s comfort. If you do not know which saddle pad to choose – please contact us. In the store you will find various models and color versions – blue saddle pads , red saddle pad , as well as white and black saddle pads!

The current variety of saddle pads available on the market is so great that choosing the right model is not an easy task.

Why do we need a saddle pad?

Focusing on the choice of color or pattern, we can sometimes forget that the main task of the saddle pad is to protect the horse’s back. It is designed to prevent injuries that could be caused by the direct friction of the saddle against the hair and skin.

Protection is especially important in places where the saddle may shift slightly – under the edges of the flaps and the rear pommel. By the way, the saddle pad also helps to keep the saddle clean , absorbing a large part of the horse’s sweat (hence its other name – sweatband).

A properly selected saddle pad also helps to somehow distribute the pressure of the saddle and additionally cushion it.

Is an ordinary sweatband enough?

The choice of saddle pad depends partly on the function it should perform (protective, correcting the position of the saddle, etc.), and partly on the equestrian discipline you practice.

If your saddle fits snugly, a simple saddle pad will do the trick. Many people do not realize that adding too thick a saddle pad or pad can achieve the opposite effect from the intended one. The saddle will not sit well and will create dangerous pressure points on the horse’s back.

If your horse has a specific build, e.g. a strongly arched withers, or if the saddle fit is not perfect, then it is worth looking for a suitable pad or a specially designed saddle pad.

Remember, however, that no saddle pad can replace the proper fit of the saddle, which should be your starting point. If you are not sure if your saddle fits well enough or you would like to learn more about saddle fitting, you can do so with e.g. this online course.

Types and models of saddle pads for horses.

Saddle pads are mainly divided into versatile, jumping and dressage. This division is dictated by the size and construction of the saddles with which they are used. In short, the most important difference here is the length and width of the saddle pad for the horse .

The saddle should not go beyond the saddle pad or press against its trim, which could cause abrasions. Hence, the dressage saddle pads are relatively longer and the jumping saddle pads are more profiled. This allows a better fit to the more protruding flaps so characteristic of jumping saddles.

An example of such a saddle pad for horses is the Balotade Avero model. In addition, we also distinguish rally saddle pads, often equipped with panniers and thick western pads.

Sometimes, instead of descriptions, manufacturers use universal, letter markings that inform us about the type of saddle a particular saddle pad is intended for. We can come across various markings, but the most commonly used ones are:

Adding the letter P (pony) before such markings informs us that the saddle pad is intended for a pony .

The material from which the saddle pad is sewn.

When choosing a saddle pad for frequent use, make sure that it is made of strong materials, resistant to abrasion, but at the same time friendly to the horse. Delicate fabrics can look fantastic, but try to imagine whether such a horse saddle pad will look equally elegant after a month of use.

Airy inner material.

In order for the saddle pad to perform its function properly, the inner material (adhering directly to the horse’s skin) should be absorbent and airy. Thick cotton works perfectly here thanks to its hygroscopic properties.

An additional advantage of cotton is that it can be washed in a washing machine with detergents, even at very high temperatures. Try to avoid artificial materials such as polyester that do not completely absorb moisture.

In terms of filling, one of the most popular options is polyurethane foam of the appropriate thickness. Make sure the wetsuit is not too stiff – it should be pressured and conform to the shape of the horse’s back.

The best foam thickness is between 0.5 cm and 1.5 cm. Thicker foam will not provide better protection, but it can reduce airflow and cause the saddle to fit incorrectly.

The combination of cotton and polyurethane foam of appropriate thickness is used in all saddle pads available in Balotade’s offer . An additional advantage of such a solution is that the saddle pads made in this way can be washed in a washing machine with detergents and at high temperature. This is very important for maintaining proper hygiene when using a horse saddle pad .

What else should you pay attention to?

Regardless of which saddle pad model you choose, there are a few universal things to pay attention to.

One of them are the snap hooks. Too short ones will cause the saddle pad to shift, while too long ones will stand out and look unsightly. Also make sure that the Velcro fasteners are strong enough and will not open by themselves.

Another thing is to shape the front part of the saddle pad . It should not lie directly on the horse’s withers, but form a characteristic “spout”. Thanks to this, the saddle will not stick too tightly in this place.

When it comes to quilting, despite the many decorative options to choose from, it is better to choose classic, that is evenly spaced. Quilting in diamonds, circles or not too wide stripes will be perfect here. The filling should then not stick together in one place, threatening to bruise the horse’s back.

Some saddle pads are also reinforced with leather or an additional layer of fabric at the girth, such as the Balotade Anatomic saddle pad . This prevents the material from rubbing in the most exposed areas.

Keeping the saddle pad clean.

As previously mentioned, most saddle pads can be washed in a washing machine and it is advisable every few rides, especially in summer. If the saddle pad is used for riding more than one horse, wash it at high temperatures to prevent the spread of skin diseases. In a long unwashed saddle pad, the material becomes stiff and may cause discomfort and even abrasions to the horse.

It is important that the saddle pad is dried and cleaned of sand and dirt after each ride. Different rules of care apply to saddle pads and pads made of natural sheep fur. Despite many undoubted advantages, this material is extremely difficult to keep clean, as it is not suitable for washing in a washing machine. In this case, regular brushing is recommended.

The comfort of the horse above all.

Although a saddle pad is an element that is easier to replace than a saddle or other, relatively more expensive elements of equestrian equipment, it does not mean that its quality is irrelevant. Choose products that will provide your pet with maximum comfort while driving.