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In the Balotade offer you will find a variety stirrups adapted to the saddle you use and your riding style. We make them from various materials. Thanks to the enormous resistance to rust and damage, the stirrups are so durable that they do not require frequent replacement. The products we offer ensure maximum foot stabilization, preventing it from shifting while driving.

We all know how important it is for the comfort of riding (ours and the horse’s) to choose the right equipment. Sometimes, however, when focusing on finding the perfect saddle or bridle, we treat the stirrups a bit “neglect”, without paying much attention to them.

It may happen that stirrups for a horse they will be complete with the purchased saddle or we have been using the same stirrups just out of habit for years. Sounds familiar? If so, we will tell you what to pay attention to when choosing stirrups. You will also learn what to do to make them serve you well and for many years.

Selection of stirrups for the riding style.

Which stirrups you should choose depends largely on the discipline you practice. Recreational or endurance riders who typically ride longer stirrups should choose models with a wider foot. In this driving style, the stirrups are generally more stressed. A wide foot provides better support for the foot and thus more balance.

Typically rally stirrups for a horse they also have a special basket for greater comfort during long journeys. Another group of stirrups are western stirrups with a characteristic shape. These types of stirrups are usually made of wood or plastic covered with leather.

Stirrups – why are they so important?

In November last year, the #NoStirrupNovember campaign became very popular on social media. It was about taking the challenge and driving for a month without equestrian stirrups . Although exercises These types are an important element in rider training, but most of the time we cannot imagine our life without stirrups.

Horse stirrups they are a relatively permanent part of equestrian equipment and, if used properly, they do not require frequent replacement. This does not mean, however, that they do not have to be properly adapted to ours saddles and the discipline we practice.

Regardless of whether we drive sports or recreationally, we are properly selected stirrups significantly affect our seat . Of course, even the best stirrups will not make our position on horseback perfect overnight. However, a properly selected model can help us correct minor shortcomings.

What are the types of stirrups?

One of the most popular models of stirrups are the classic metal stirrups, the so-called Fillis . A heavier stirrup may initially feel more stable, especially for less experienced riders. However, due to its weight, you may feel that keeping your foot in the right position is tiring when you ride for a long time. Therefore, most of the more experienced or competitive riders tend to be lighter stirrups for horseback riding made of plastic, composite or aluminum .

The difference is especially felt if you ride several horses a day or your training sessions are relatively long. Lighter stirrups horseback riding they also allow the foot and calf to move more freely, making it easier to convey a more precise signal to the horse. Good quality aluminum or composite stirrups are in no way inferior to metal stirrups when it comes to strength, and additionally they are rust-resistant.

You should also bear in mind that some of the more sensitive horses or horses that are just starting to work under the saddle, may react badly to the touch and weight of metal stirrups. Using their lighter counterpart can help them accept this.

How to choose the right size stirrups?

If you’ve chosen the right stirrup model, that’s half the battle! However, do not forget that in order to get the most out of your new stirrups, you also need to choose the correct size. Too large stirrups will cause your foot to “fly” constantly, which will negatively affect your balance. Equestrian stirrups that are too narrow, on the other hand, pose a serious threat when falling from a horse (the foot may get stuck in them) .

If you have the option to measure the stirrup before buying, be sure to do it in the shoes you use for riding. Also take into account that if you use thermo shoes in winter , you may need larger stirrups than in summer when you ride in Chelsea boots or boots. A toe should fit easily between the shoe and the stirrup bar on either side.

If you are unable to measure the stirrup, no problem. Measure your riding shoes at the fullest point and add 1.5 cm on each side. The foot of the stirrup should be approximately this length. Remember that of the two bad, it is better for the stirrup to be a bit too wide.

Fortunately, Balotade horse riding stirrups are manufactured in a universal, large size. So they should suit most people.

Remember that stirrups are not only about design or colors, but most of all about comfort and safety. Fortunately, thanks to the Balotade offer , you no longer have to choose between one or the other.

Stirrups available at Balotade .

We produce stirrups in various color versions, thanks to which they become an effective decorative element at the same time. All available products are offered in a standard size of 12 cm.

You can read their exact specification on our website, where they are all sold stirrups. We provide express shipping within 24 hours.