Anatomical Bridle Balotade® Azur


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The Azur anatomical bridle has been designed with particular attention to the anatomy of the horse’s skull.

It reduces pressure exerted on the sensitive areas of the horse’s head. This makes the bridle more comfortable for him. Manufactured by the Polish company Balotade® .

It has a delicate, 1-row, profiled browband lined with leather.

The occipital strip is widened, contoured and softly lined. No additional noseband strap passes through it, thanks to which the pressure is evenly distributed.

The Azur bridle can be fitted with additional bit attachments that transfer extra pressure to the nose. We sell them together in a headband in a set.

Thanks to the use of a special strap on the ganaches, the bridle is more stable than models with throat straps.

The fittings are silver and made of stainless steel . In addition, each buckle has a roll for easy fastening.

Features of the Azur bridle:

  • Precision and quality of workmanship – careful manual production.
  • Real leather – the best quality natural buffalo leather.
  • Ideally suited to the shape of the head – thanks to the anatomical noseband and the profiled occipital strap, the bridle does not hurt.
  • Rust resistance – metal components made of stainless steel.
  • Comfortable buckles – all buckles have rollers for easy fastening.
  • Eye -catching – thanks to the use of stylish crystals in the headband, the bridle looks great and attracts attention.

The browband can be replaced, it should be specified in the order message. If the browband is more than 20 euro, the difference has to be paid extra.

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